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We are BELSI team - community of energetic, ever young, friendly like-minded people who love comfort and ergonomics in everything. One day we pointed out the most common, useful, but most uncomfortable thing at every family. It was ironing board.So, we gave a new face and new life to iron board. We changed a boring ironing board in amazing invisible built-in BELSI ironing board. Thus our firstborn appeared. Our technical solution was smart enough and mechanism of transformation was patented.We do not stand still and always go ahead, developing either ourselves or our competitors. We are grateful to the fate that we meet with interesting and creative people and implement together their projects into reality.


Provide aesthetic, ergonomic, space- and time-saving ideas in daily life of people.

Developing design and production Russia.

Support smart people with smart projects


We love nature.
We are engaged in charity work.
We follow healthy lifestyle.
We love art. It inspires us.
We know the price of time. It is priceless.

We love our project because we believe in what we do. We do it honestly. With open heart we share our ideas with people. People gratefully feed us back with gratitude and energy.

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