Dynamic game of lights and shadows at the hand-polished surface


of console, mirror and 3 type of flower pots

The other side of the moon

became more availabe

Designers started from the cleansing properties of water and were inspired by the ancient Russian legend associated with the holy lake of the same name. This item is limited edition.

Commode Svetloyar

is a continuation of the Black Moon interior collection: its round shape symbolizes the lake, and the handle - a drop forms circles on the water (facade).

Material / finishing

birch, metal, brass, patina, powder enamel, danish oil.

Black moon floor planter - medium.

Floor planter on a high stand with brass tips 880mm high.

Black moon floor planter - large.

Floor planter on brass spherical legs.


- a decorative vessel without holes in the lower part, inside which is placed a pot with a plant.

Black moon floor planter on a high stand with brass tips 1100mm high.

Material / finishing birch, danish oil