Mobile module for placement in recreation areas and recreation


This house is designed as a place of relaxation and solitude for children during breaks or in coworking spaces, libraries for reading or working. 

We offer a basic Barney design that can be further decorated with graphic elements. 

Material: high quality birch plywood.

Wheel supports with a stopper.

Seat cushion: foam rubber, eco-leather, thickness on request. 

The customer dimensions are possible. Finish: wave-based varnish.

Dimensions: 1800*400*1500 mm

It is possible to perform in other sizes and color finishes.

The "Parade of Planets" rack is a multifunctional complex that combines shelves for storing books, items and soft recreation areas.


The design is reliably designed, firmly attached to the wal, has removable cushions in the niches, which makes the process of operation and care convenient. 

Material: Birch plywood, chipboard, eco-leather

Serial dimensions: 6950*600*2400 (h) mm